IPPS – Inpatient Reviews

ReviewMate software can assist in completing your coding reviews by:

Streamlining Reviews

  • Quickly and easily upload coded data from your facility’s/client’s 837 data file. The original MS-DRG, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, POA indicators, discharge dispositions along with other demographic information appears on each record’s screen.
  • Capture your findings in a simple, easy, and fun to use format.
  • Organize and categorize your findings using reason codes, and citing source documents.
  • Calculate reimbursement changes according to the findings entered.

Communicating Findings

  • Email your findings to the coder and/or others with just ONE CLICK!
  • Allow the coder to respond in a user-friendly manner and push notifications for all.
  • Track and reconcile the responses to assure all cases are addressed.

Simplifying Reports

  • Run any of the available canned reports, such as, a listing of accounts requiring rebill, individual coder statistics, details regarding each MS-DRG revision, diagnosis code revision details, and much more.
  • Accuracy rates are automatically calculated for all data items for the review as a whole or by coder.
  • A professional, high-level Executive Summary is available and is appropriate for distribution to a variety of audiences. The summary is editable and any of the canned reports can be integrated according to your needs.


  • Login 24/7 to view progress toward completion of a review
  • Track coder responses to assure all findings are addressed in a timely manner
  • Coder responses are account specific for easy reconciliation
  • Send push notifications for outstanding issues
  • View accuracy rates throughout the review process

ReviewMate will allow reviewers to spend their precious time on the coding guidelines, regulations and findings, as opposed to counting errors and trends. Administrative time usually dedicated to spreadsheets, hand calculations, and formatting of reports is eliminated with the use of ReviewMate software.