Physician Office

Our Profee auditing module is intended for use by auditors to review the accuracy of Physician office coding. The software provides the ability to import your sample audit data directly into the application along with all of your CPT/HCPCS Codes and Diagnosis Codes.  Each encounter is available along with the encounter date, Teach Provider Findings, Outcome, Coded By, Account #, MR Number, Payor name, Specialty, Physician Name and more.  Our latest release includes the E&M Logic worksheet including the ’95 and ’97 guidelines.

This module includes many precanned reports including; Profee CPT/HCPCS Code Change Detail, Diagnosis Change Detail, Service Unit Change Detail, Profee Coder Accuracy Rate to name a few.  Our latest release also includes our Accuracy Manager which provides tools to customize any of our precanned Profee reports.