System Overview

Medical coding auditors have been dealing with manually reporting on their audit outcomes for years. Why isn’t there an easy to use application that will organize my audit results and generate all of the summaries and reports for me instead of doing everything by hand and taking hours when a computer could do it in minutes? This question was presented to a group of healthcare software developers recently and a partnership was born. Karen Pickering, RHIT, CCS lead a team of auditors and coders with over 30 years of experience to develop the requirements and worked with some very talented programmers to create ReviewMate by Pickerson.


Streamline Reviews – Quickly and easily upload coded data from your facility’s/client’s 837 data file. The original MS-DRG, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, POA indicators, CPT/HCPCS codes, discharge dispositions along with other demographic information appears on each record’s screen for IPPS – Inpatient and OPPS – Outpatient reviews.  LET ReviewMate DO THE WORK FOR YOU!


“I received access to ReviewMate a few days before I was to start a huge review and to my surprise was fully operational in just a few hours. This tool is incredible! It cuts auditing time and gives immediate statistics, no need to use spreadsheets! There are numerous ways to show your client statistics without touching a spreadsheet or calculator! The graphs are professional and clients are sure to be impressed. The service provided by Pickerson Solutions is quick and customer oriented. I couldn’t be happier with this wonderful tool!”

A. Riley Consulting

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